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Giloy Kweath
Giloy Kwath
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Giloy Kwath

An ayurvedic herb that is being used since ages and has been advocated in Indian Medicine. It detoxifies your body and gives you the glowing skin that you have always dreamt of. From treating chronic fever to boosting immunity, the herb has been proven to provide incredible benefits.


These benefits are:-

  • It boosts the phagocytic activity of macrophages, thus building a better defense system in our body and activates the immune system and increases vitality in a person.
  • It acts as a source of nutraceuticals that alleviate the oxidative stress and helps in prevention and reduction of degenerative diseases.
  • It helps in reducing joint pains and inflammation associated with arthritis.
  • It is very effective at improving eyesight when applied topically.
  • It proves to be an excellent remedy to reduce mental stress and anxiety. Also it enhances memory and cognitive functions.
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