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  • Sattvishtik Wellness Farm, Pethapur - Mahudi Road, opp. Raghuvanshi Hotel, Gandhinagar
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About Sattvishtik

Sattvishtik Wellness Farms Private Limited - a self-sustained farm, bringing back life to the soil and environment, spread over 4 acres of land on the outskirts of Gandhinagar, is home to the Gir cows. Gir cows are one of the principal zebu breeds that originate in India.These cows, best known for their milk producing qualities, are home bred at our farms and the milk extracted is then delivered to your doorsteps in its raw and purest form. We currently operate in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar under the brand name “Sattvamrit” that translates into “pure sweetened liquid” in Sanskrit which indeed is the truth about our product.
At Sattvishtik we believe in Happy Cow = Healthy Milk. Gir cows in our farms are fed with super quality green chemical free fodder grown in house. The diet of the cows is carefully designed to provide them with all the proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients that they require to produce good quality milk. In addition to that, we have also included the richness of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Mulethi, Jeevanti, Punarnava, PalashPushp, etc in the daily diet of these cows. A proper and balanced diet with a nature friendly environment is the key to a Happy state of mind of the Gir cows, which in turn leads to a great and healthy milk produced by them. This milk becomes a super food as it is easily digestible and improves immunity and keeps your stomach happy.
Sattvishtik follows the traditional methods of cow based natural farming and uses zero chemicals. We use fertilizers and pesticides that are derived from “Gomutra” (cow urine) and “Gobar” (cow dung) of the Gir cows. One of the important objectives of the company is to take farming to a healthier route.

Our Story

The Industrialization in the agricultural sector has led to the increased use of chemicals and pesticides that are proving to be a burden on the natural ecosystems. The side effects of the same are well known to the race of humans. The Green and White revolution have definitely resulted in the increase of agricultural and dairy products yields but with the same we have lost the quality of the produce. Recognizing these glitches that can be an important health hazard, our founders felt a need for a sustainable and ecological approach to solve the problem. Going forward, we used the ancient scriptures available to research the age old practices of farming, milking, and producing various agriculture based products.
Our founder,being a mother of two, realised the need for better quality organic produce for her children as well as the society as a whole.Working consistently day and night and made it their sole purpose to bring back the purity and quality in the food that we consumed and milk we drank. With this initiative, we wanted to improve the health and well being of our customer base. And hence “Sattvishtik” was founded. The sad reality of today is, despite being the country with the most diverse, nutritious and nature friendly food culture, India is still considered as the hub of many life threatening diseases. Through “Sattvishtik” and “Sattvamrit”, we work towards introducing daily use products that benefit the human body, mind and soul in the most natural way. By far, we have introduced a series of products like Raw A2 milk, bilona ghee, turmeric powder, groundnut oil, tulsi ark, Turmeric Latte, Gonyle etc.


Sattvishtik Wellness Farms values innovation above all. Efficiently and continuously trying to take the help of Mother Nature in different ways possible to benefit our health. We thrive to promote the ancient Indian way of life of finding alternate medicines through day to day ingredients and mixtures in our Kitchen.

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