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Drop your Health worries with a Drop of Tulsi

Drop your Health worries with a Drop of Tulsi

Drop your Health worries with a Drop of Tulsi

Tulsi is referred to as “The Incomparable one”, “Mother medicine of nature” and “Queen of herbs” within Ayurveda. It is truly an “elixir of life” for its medicinal and spiritual properties.

In India, most of our homes have a Tulsi plant. It is considered a holy plant or sacred plant and is worshipped daily at home. People believe that the Tulsi plant has the power to absorb negative energy and increase positivity at home. This helps us to attain mental peace. The leaves of the Tulsi plant are used to cure the common cold, sore throat, headaches, heart ailments, and kidney stones. The leaves of Tulsi are consumed for better health of skin, hair, and body organs. Tulsi leaves are loaded with vitamins A, C, and K. It also has minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and iron.

All about Tulsi Ark

As per ancient scriptures, it is advisable to swallow one Tulsi leaf instead of chewing it every morning to gain maximum health benefits. One can also drink water or tea infused with Tulsi leaves.

Another best way to have Tulsi herb is by consuming diluted Tulsi Ark. Ark in Ayurveda means freshly distilled herbs. So generally, 5 kinds of Tulsi leaves are boiled. The steam is collected and cooled and then liquefied to make the ark. It is made available in small bottles for daily consumption.

A few drops of this potent Tulsi Ark can be consumed with water or tea, milk, or other beverages. The ark will make your drink 1000 times healthier. If you are down with a cold or cough, you can use it during steam inhalation.

Benefits of Tulsi Ark

There are innumerable benefits of Tulsi Ark, few are listed below:

- Respiratory diseases can be cured and prevented. It can be used to treat common cold to serious conditions like bronchitis and asthma. It enhances immunity. It can relieve congestion in the nose, throat, or chest.
- It helps to Boost immunity. Vitamin C and zinc present in Tulsi make it a natural immunity booster.
- The 5 types of Tulsi used in the ark help to calm the mind and reduce high blood pressure
- It has a strong antioxidant and it offers protection against skin, liver, oral and other types of cancer.
- The anti-fungal properties of ark help to prevent fungal growth on the scalp. It keeps the scalp free from flakes and it also prevents hair loss.
- Tulsi ark is excellent for the skin. Due to its antioxidants, it clears out blemishes and acne. It slows down the skin's aging process.
- Tulsi ark can soothe your anxious mind and keep your mind stress free.
- Tulsi ark is known as the natural remedy to heal diabetics. The ark contains vitamins and minerals which help the body secrete insulin. This is like “Amrit” for type 2 diabetics patients.
- Tulsi ark contains beta-caryophyllene. It helps in reducing swelling in any part of the body. It is also helpful for arthritically inflicted people.
- It has anti-inflammatory properties to cure cuts and bruises.
- The main stress-causing hormone is Cortisol. High-stress levels cause weight gain. Tulsi ark can calm nerves and reduce stress. Thereby gradually aiding in weight loss.
- Any issues related to the stomach can be cured by Tulsi ark. It soothes the stomach and relieves stomach aches, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, and acidity.

Tulsi Ark is a highly potent medicine to cure any disease or ailment. It keeps the body and minds fit and energetic throughout the day.

Sattvishtik Wellness Farm’s Tulsi Ark is made from 5 different variants of Tulsi. The variants are Ram Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Amrit Tulsi, and Bisva Tulsi. Sattvishtik Wellness Farms believe in natural farming technique. We refrain from using synthetic fertilizers.

The homegrown Tulsi herbs are nourished with naturally found fertilizer at the farm. The concentrated drops of Tulsi Ark from Sattvishtik wellness farms can be consumed daily by adding 2-3 drops in warm water. This routine will keep infections like colds, coughs, fever, sore throat, and flu at bay. It will help to detoxify your body and keep you in good health.

If you would like to know more details about our farms or our products, do write to us or comment below.


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