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Organic Farming A win-win for you and the Environment

Organic Farming A win-win for you and the Environment

Organic Farming: A win-win for you and the Environment


After the world fought against the Pandemic as well as during the fight against COVID-19, people realized the importance of healthy living. One such step taken towards living a healthy life is to carefully watch every bite of food you take in. people in general also started to realize the importance of preserving nature. There is a greater role that nature and its products play in our lives. Hence there is a growing demand for natural farm products and organic products in the market.


Organic farming is just another step towards providing nutritious food to the customers and at the same time preserving nature. It encourages sustainable farm management techniques and works in harmony with nature. These techniques are sustainable economically, ecologically and socially and aim at creating a food production system without causing any harm to nature.


Some of the Organic Farming Practices Are as Follows -


  • Crop rotation - This is a practice wherein the same land is used to grow different crops in succession. The benefit of this technique is that it preserves the fertility of the soil and prevents soil erosion.


  • Manuring and composting - Manure and compost provide numerous nutrients for the production of crops including micronutrients.


  • Integrated weed management - This practice includes processes like manual weeding, mulching, haymaking, etc.


  • Integrated pest management - in this practice, use of chemicals is prohibited and instead use of biological pest is encouraged. It involves the use of one or more organisms that is beneficial to eliminate the presence of another organism i.e. the pest.


  • Cover crop and green manures - These cover crops and manures are produced to create better conditions for subsequent crops to grow hence protecting the soil fertility and quality.


There is no second guessing to the fact that organic farming has numerous benefits to offer. Let us now look at some of these benefits :-


  • There is no use of fertilizers, pesticides, etc., which makes organic farming eco friendly and economical.


  • A farmer can make a good source of income by using local techniques and cheap inputs. So it has a good return on investment.


  • It excludes the usage of harmful chemicals and pesticides and hence it has more nutritional value. In the long run, it is very beneficial and proves to be a healthy and safer alternative.


  • There is a high demand in the market for organic products these days. Throughout the globe, people are adopting better lifestyles and choosing organic products over everything else. This opens the doors for better incomes through exports.


There are two types of organic farming – Integrated organic farming and Pure organic farming.

Pure organic farming uses fertilizers and pesticides that are obtained from natural sources whereas integrated organic farming uses an integration of pest management and other nutrients to meet the large demands without compromising with the ecological demands.


Why Is Organic Farming Necessary in the Current Scenario ?


  • There is an excessive use of fertilizers and chemicals that are harmful and reduce the fertility of the soil.


  • The current scenario, where resources are getting depleted, the world calls for the need of sustainable development.


  • The most important reason that leads to the adoption of organic farming is to conserve the ecosystem.


  • With the world being health conscious and adopting healthy lifestyles, more after the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been an increased need and demand for organic products. To fulfil the same the organic farming practices have to be adopted as it also helps earn a good amount of living for the farmers.


Sattvishtik Wellness Farms realizes this need of the society at a very early stage and thus has a website full of sprouts for you to grab. So just log onto our website and start filling your carts with all the products you want on your kitchen shelves specially with winters being round the corner.


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