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Ghee Wars Traditional Bilona vs Modern Cream

Ghee Wars Traditional Bilona vs Modern Cream

Ghee Wars Traditional Bilona vs Modern Cream


Every mother is in search of the purest form of ghee for her children. As we say, “mothers know the best,”. However, in the market where highly processed things are easily available, her search for pure ghee is often futile. Let us know the best type of ghee that gives us wholesome benefits.

We have cream-based ghee and industrially processed ghee, and we also have Bilona ghee.  


Bilona ghee

The term ‘Bilona’ means the wooden beater used to churn out butter from curd with hand. Bilona ghee is the age-old traditional method used to churn butter from curd to make pure ghee. The butter extracted from such a process is cooked on a slow flame and thus the ghee is made. 


Cream based ghee

In this method of making ghee, cream or Malai is collected from boiled milk. The cream thus collected is then cooked in slow flame till the golden ghee is separated from a reddish brown precipitate. 


Why Is Bilona ghee Better than Cream-Based Ghee?


Bilona ghee is made from curd which includes the advantages of fermentation and has micronutrients. The butter is churned from curd and enzymes present in milk can slowly change. Then it is cooked in controlled heat to obtain ghee. This ghee doesn’t get spoiled in normal conditions and its medicinal value increases with time.

Whereas in the case of cream-based ghee, the cream is taken from milk and heated. The enzymes present in milk undergo shock due to high heat. It becomes merely butter oil. 


Sattvishtik Wellness farms believe in the traditional methods of cow rearing at their natural chemical-free farms. Their Sattvamrit Bilona ghee is truly an “Amrit” packed in a jar for your overall health. 

 The milk for ghee is obtained from the purest breed of A2 Gir cow owned by Sattvishtik Wellness farms. The Gir cows are nurtured with love and care and fed with a wholesome diet to ensure the best quality of milk. The milk obtained is made into curd. Then using the Vedic processes curd is churned into butter. Ghee is made in small batches from butter to maintain its purity and authenticity. The entire process is slow and tedious. It takes 30-35 litres of A2 Gir cow milk to obtain 1 litre of pure Sattvamrit Bilona ghee. Other ghee melts at 40 degrees but Sattvamrit Bilona ghee melts at 36 degrees which are below our body temperature.


Benefits of Bilona Ghee 


- Bilona ghee is aromatic, tastier, and healthier than cream-based ghee. It has omega-3 fatty acid DHA, MUFA – monosaturated fatty acid, omega-6, and a higher amount of vitamins and antioxidants. 

- Bilona ghee helps to balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in our body. 

- Bilona ghee is easily digestible as compared to cream-based ghee. Hence it is excellent for small children.

- It also aids in digestion, prevents constipation, and makes the skin glow.

- It cures headaches, migraines, snoring, and sleeplessness

- Bilona Ghee also prevents hair fall

- Butyrate found in Bilona ghee eliminates body toxins.

- DHA and CLA found in Bilona ghee boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.

- Vitamin A and D-rich Bilona ghee are good for bones. It helps faster absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It is highly beneficial for children as it aids in the development of bones and teeth. People with knee joint pain can massage with Bilona ghee to get relief from pain.

- Bilona ghee helps to combat various illnesses by boosting immunity.

- The CLA – conjugated Linoleic acid in Bilona ghee increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. This keeps your heart healthy. 

- Bilona ghee is rich in antioxidants and butyric acid to fight free radicals and cancer.


Sattvamrit Bilona ghee gives spiritual and dietary benefits. It helps you to maintain good health and vigor. It can also be used in the Agnihotra fire to purify the air and home surroundings. Ayurveda also recommends cow ghee as, it is ideal for physical and mental well-being. 


To know more about our Bilona ghee write to us or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you and serve you better with your requirements.  


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