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Benefits of Panchgavya : Nourishment from the Divine Cow


India is a country with rich traditions and spirituality. These are backed by scientific facts and reasoning. In India cow is regarded with reverence. The cow is known as ‘Gaumata’ means the nourishing nature of the mother. Cow gives us milk and we can make ghee and curd out of it. Its urine and dung are used for medicinal purposes. No wonder it is known as the giver of good health and longevity.


In Ayurveda, you will come across a term called ‘Panchgavya’ – panch means 5 and gavya means things obtained from cows. They are milk, ghee, curd, cow dung, and cow urine. Each component medically helps us individually as well as together to treat various ailments. This therapy or treatment is called ‘Panchgavya’ therapy or ‘Cowpathy’.


Panchgavya therapy is useful to treat ailments like asthma, flu, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, renal disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. It provides therapeutic potential against severe pathological conditions like cancer, AIDS, and diabetes.

For Panchgavya therapy the cow must be nurtured in the natural environment. The farm should follow organic breeding so that the gavya is free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals.


Products Derived from Cow


  1. Milk

Cow Milk protects and promotes good health especially A2 cow milk. It is rich in calcium, fatty acids, and potassium. Hence it is essential for the growth of bones and teeth in young children. Vitamin A found in milk improves eyesight and lactose found in milk is an energy provider. The low-cholesterol fat found in milk is important for physical and mental development. Milk also helps to keep our digestive system fit. Research has found that cow milk can control the growth of cancerous cells, especially the skin, colon, and breast cancer.


  1. Curd

Curd is prepared by fermenting cow milk. It is high in nutritional value and consumed across the world. The probiotics found in curd help improve digestion and strengthens the immune system. It also is a blood purifier. Low-density lipoproteins reduce the risk of obesity. It also helps to balance the tridoshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


  1. Ghee

Ghee is high in nutritional value and is used for daily consumption, topical application, and in various Ayurvedic medicines. A2 Ghee is made from milk cream and/or butter. Traditional Bilona method of making ghee gives you the utmost benefit. Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties and hence are used in medicines to cure aches, cuts, and wound. It purifies the blood and keeps the liver healthy. Ghee helps in the enhancement of memory. It is the main ingredient for many beauty products as it has anti-oxidants in it.


  1. Cow Dung

Cow dung is the best to maintain the fertility of the soil. It helps to increase earthworms in the soil and helps in the nitrification of soil. It can be used against fungal infection of soil. It is used majorly in organic farming as it has no harmful side effects.

Apart from the soil, it is beneficial to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in cow dung help to do that. Cow dung is dried and burnt to prevent the spread of mosquitoes. The fumes emitted by burning cow dung make the eyes water and it is helpful for vision improvement.


  1. Cow Urine

Cow urine is a non-toxic waste discharged from the cow. It is useful to prolong the life of terminally ill patients. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in it. It has enzymes, hormones, salts, and minerals. Though medically there is no research done to prove its efficiency in Ayurveda it is believed to treat diarrhea, jaundice, piles, vitiligo, and others.


The above products individually received from the cow have their benefits, however when each of the above products is mixed in equal quantity and heated on low flame till the desired formulation is achieved, it is Panchgavya Ghrita – the healing medicine in Ayurveda. There are various methods to prepare this. But the benefits are all of the above and more. It can treat all human ailments and improve the quality of the soil.


Sattvishttik Wellness Farms is spread over 4 acres of land. We breed Indian A2 cows with great love. Gaumata is the star of our farm. We practice only organic farming because we want our products to be toxic, chemical and pesticides free. Our A2 Gaumata is fed a well-balanced diet. This ensures we obtain good quality A2 milk. Curd made from this milk is rich in nourishment. Our ghee is made using the age-old Bilona technique. Hence the taste and consistency of ghee are supreme. We understand the importance of nature and its abundance. Hence we treat our cows with respect and they are bred in the lap of nature.


To know more about our breeding techniques and products, you can visit our farm. Do write in for details or leave a comment below.


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