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Nourish your body enhance your cooking with cold pressed oild

Nourish your body enhance your cooking with cold pressed oild

Nourish Your Body, Enhance Your Cooking with Cold-Pressed Oils


When the options are unlimited, we find it difficult to choose the best. The same is true in the case of oils. There are many types of oil available. We have oils extracted from fruits, nuts, and seeds. A few examples have been olive oil, groundnut oil, sesame seed oil, mustard seed oil, coconut oil, and more. We use oil for cooking, and topical application on skin and hair, and few are used to make medicines and in lighting Diya during Pooja.


Extraction Process of Oil

The oil needs to be extracted from the seeds, nuts, or fruits. There are commonly 2 types of extraction. One is the extraction using chemicals and the second is the cold-pressed way. The oil extracted using chemicals is then refined for better taste and smell.

In the case of cold-pressed oil, the seeds, fruits, or nuts are pressed to extract oil from it. The process doesn’t undergo heat treatment.


Refined or Cold Pressed Oil Better of Two?

The refined oil extracted using chemicals loses out all its nutrients in the oil extraction process. On the other hand, cold-pressed oil is not treated with heat. The oil is pressed out from seeds, fruits, or nuts. Thus the nutritional value is retained. The refined oil undergoes a hydrogenation process and is treated with chemicals. This ensures longer shelf life. However, cold-pressed oil is processed minimally. It is filtered to get rid of suspended particles. Such oil is known as filtered oil. Unfiltered, Filtered oil or unrefined oil retains its original flavor, color, and smell.

Filtered cold press oil has better shelf life compared to unfiltered ones, however, the nutritional value of both are the same.


How to Preserve the Cold-Pressed Oil?

-         Store it in dark containers

-         Keep the container tightly sealed or capped

-         Store it on a dark shelf or refrigerator


Benefits of using cold-pressed oil


Good for overall health

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil are preserved. It is rich in zinc, vitamins, potassium, and omega 3 and 6. It helps to preserve our liver from oxidative damage. It helps to lower cholesterol and builds the immune system. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce the chances of cancer cells forming and also reduce the risk of any chronic diseases.


Good for Skin and Hair

One can ingest oil for better skin and hair. We can also apply the oil topically on our skin. It helps to lock in moisture and prevents the skin from dryness. The antioxidants present in the cold-pressed oil help to prevent aging signs. As it is non-greasy, it can be applied all over the skin.

Cold-pressed oil boosts the growth of hair and prevents issues like flakiness, dryness, and itchy scalp.


Insulin sensitivity is boosted

Due to the presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the absorption of fat is slowed down. This helps to keep blood sugar levels in control. Cold-pressed oils are excellent for diabetes control and management.


Cholesterol management

Cold-pressed oil can turn bad cholesterol into good cholesterol due to the presence of high saturated fats. This keeps the heart healthy and the risk of heart attacks at bay.


Aids in digestion

As cold-pressed oil is light, it is easy to digest and keeps one healthy and fit


Cold-pressed oil – things to be noted

Cold-pressed oils are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids; they shouldn’t be used for deep frying. It will degrade the quality of the oil and lessen the aroma and taste. Always use it on low or moderate heat while cooking. This helps to preserve flavor and health.

It is better to switch to using cold-pressed oils rather than refined oils. Cold-pressed oil improves your health and boosts your immune system.

One of the best types of cold-pressed groundnut oil can be sourced from Sattvishtik wellness farms. Groundnut oil is the favorite choice when it comes to cooking. It has a strong aroma and it adds to the flavor of the food.

Sattvishtik farms believe in all things natural. The groundnut oil is extracted using a wooden churner without the application of any heat. The groundnuts are crushed at room temperature and the oil is extracted due to the crushing pressure.

This ensures the nutritional value is intact and the oil is full of flavor and a pleasant aroma. The groundnuts used are of the finest quality from Gujarat and we ensure that it is organically grown. The cold-pressed oil is available in packs of 1, 5, and 15 liters.

To improve your overall health and to maintain a long and healthy lifestyle, stop using refined oils and use Sattvishtik cold pressed groundnut oil.

For more information on our cold-presed oil and other products, write to us or comment below.


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