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Turemeric Latte 101

Turemeric Latte 101

Addicted to coffee/tea ?? Looking for an alternative???? Well we are here at your service. Today we bring to you a product which you wouldn’t resist. The newest and the turmeric latte mix to bring the golden twist instead of your regular cup of coffee/tea and make you healthier. So yummy and healthy that even Starbucks serves it. Yes, you heard that right. The most renowned coffee chain has also introduced latte with turmeric.


Turmeric has been widely known to have many health benefits linked to it. When mixed with milk and spices, it becomes an Ayurvedic medical remedy that has been taken by the people of our nation over hundreds of years now. Sattvishtik Organics’ turmeric latte is made with a blend of spices namely haldi, elaichi, jaiphal, cinnamon, peepramul, clove, saffron and ginger. The impressive look and the uniqueness of this blend would make you fall in love with it at the very first sip.




  • Elaichi, also known as cardamom, has antioxidant properties that help with reducing blood pressure and also fights bad bacteria. Its a soothing herb that helps you relax.


  • Jaiphal or Nutmeg is another magic ingredient that has a lot of health benefits. It helps relieve pain and has been proved to help with insomnia. It helps in detoxing the body and brightens up the skin. It boosts the immune system and blood circulation.


  • Peepramul aka long pepper root is an ayurvedic herb that has many therapeutic qualities. It has anti-ageing properties. It relieves stomach discomfort and also helps in treating dental pains. It gives a boost in overall health management.


  • Saffron is a powerful and wonderful herb specially for women as it helps with PMS symptoms. It also improves mood, libido and sexual function and is easy to add to your regular diet.


  • Cinnamon, aromatic and derived from the inner bark of many trees, is an antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herb. It supports gut health and is beneficial for the brain and its functioning.


How to Use :-

  • In a pan, take a cup of milk and mix with it a teaspoon of haldi latte powder.
  • Stir them and let it boil for 1-2 minutes.
  • Add natural sweeteners or sugar to enhance its taste.
  • Serve hot and enjoy the sweet cup of good health.



  • Turmeric is one of the richest sources to derive curcumin that helps reduce inflammation. Higher levels of inflammation in the body can lead to many chronic diseases like heart diseases, arthritis or cancer.


  • By having a cup of turmeric latte regularly you can improve your memory and brain health. Curcumin helps in increasing brain chemicals and lowering the risk of dementia and Alzheimer‘s disease.


  • It also helps in protecting the liver and other stomach related distress like indigestion and many more things.


Drinking turmeric latte every day can work wonders for your body as it also prevents ageing and makes you look younger. Yes ladies, this delicious, cozy and creamy does make you feel and look younger. A hot cup of golden milk, specially in winters, soothes your body, heals it and makes you sleep like a baby.


Sattvishtik has specially designed the golden milk with the blend of ingredients that is not just beneficial but is also tasty in all its aspects. The children today find the chocolate powdered drinks to be yummy, so the traditional “haldi wala doodh” doesn’t appeal to them. Keeping that in mind, the golden milk was improved and improvised and launched with a twist that even the kids would demand a cup of it everyday.


For more information, please log on to our website and feel free to comment with any suggestions because we believe that there is always a room for amendments. Review our products and we will keep getting better for you.


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